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Join me on a Neurodiversity Deep Dive

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Who for?

Coaches, therapists and mentors who want to hold the space well for the one in five of us who are neuro distinct whether we know we are or not







What is a Deep Dive?

In small but perfectly formed groups we discover;

🔎 What is my lens? 

🔎 What is Neurodiversity?

🔎 Executive functions, spikey strengths and situational variability

🔎 Neurodiversity in coaching and how our understanding helps

🔎 Intersectionality and neurodiversity


🔎 Anticipatory inclusion in your practice, diagnosis and referral

Book Your Deep Dive Spot

What about accreditations?

ICF accredited with 6 CCEUs

Clare Norman, PCC

"Katie’s lived experience really brought the contents of the course to life. I valued looking at executive function in more detail and ideating about how to update my processes and coaching to work with neurodivergent thinkers."

Lucy Dale

"A powerful learning experience about neurodivergence and inclusion and how coaches can create spaces and sessions where genuinely everyone can be themselves.  Katie is fantastic and is an authentic facilitator of the session."

Shamela Kylassum

“As coaches, neurodiversity is one of the areas that we have to be more aware of so we can serve our clients better. As humans it's great to increase our understanding and awareness so that we can serve our families and ourselves better. The Deep Dive sets out the direction and frame of where to start.”
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