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Simple Tech Guide for a Smooth Online Experience

Before your training starts, let’s get your computer ready for online learning! No need for fancy tech skills or the latest gadgets. Just follow this easy checklist:


Basic Computer Know-How:

To enjoy online classes, you should know how to:

  • Use Zoom Web Conferencing App.

  • Create documents with a word processor (like Microsoft Word).

  • Save documents in different formats.

  • View and create PowerPoint presentations.

  • Send emails with attachments.

  • Search the internet for info (Google, Bing, etc.).

  • Download & install software.

  • Open, save, and print PDF documents


Helpful Tools:

  • Word processor, spreadsheet, and media player software.

  • Update Java or Shockwave if needed.

  • Use anti-virus and anti-malware protection.


Internet Connection:

  • Reliable internet: 512 kbps minimum (high-speed recommended).

  • Choose a wired connection for better speed (especially for exams).

  • A desktop or laptop is better than a tablet/phone.


Minimum Computer Specs:

  • A computer (preferably less than 5 years old).

  • 4GB RAM, 2 GHz processor.

  • Adobe Reader or another PDF reader app.

  • Word Processor: Microsoft Word 2003 or newer recommended.

  • Sound card and speakers.

  • Camera, microphone, and headphones.

  • Zoom Software.


Browsers for PC & Mac:

  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox (PC).

  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari (Mac).

Once you’re all set, you’re ready for a smooth online class experience! Good luck! 

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