ADHD Coaching for Women

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is neither attention deficit nor a disorder. It is a brain wired for interest. 

ADHD coaching can help us recover our strengths and work around our challenges to become the best version of ourselves more often.

It’s one thing to understand what ADHD is and quite another to identify what it means for YOU. This involves unpacking assumptions, understanding behaviours and re-authoring of our lived experience with a new and often much kinder lens. It means figuring out what would work better for YOU (not what should work for ‘everyone’).


Coaching is a powerful process which shoots us past the crust of who we pretend to be, through the layer of who we are scared we are to the gold core of who we really are.

It is so exciting when we start to see and use our gold and stop trying to be better, do better and try EVEN harder! THEN we can focus on who we want to become.

Are you ready to find your gold?