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About Me

I spent the first 40 years of my life without a map to understand myself or my family. This affected the way I led others. Without clarity, all kinds of narratives were invented, or received to fill in the gaps. I had spent my life trying to do better, be better and try harder. Unsurprisingly, I had a pretty severe burn out aged 38.

Before and after burn out I had leadership coaching and therapy but neither coach nor therapist had any understanding of the huge role my different brain wiring was playing in my life. Even in the coaching and therapeutic space I was trying to fit in and eventually working overtime to educate myself and them.

I eventually chose to complete 162 hours of advanced ADHD coach training in addition to my initial coaching qualifications in order to serve my tribe effectively with coaching that fits you beautifully.

My top strengths are Creativity, Love of Learning and Curiosity. I love developing these strengths by crafting coaching and training packages to support women exploring their ADHD and coaches and organisations who are committed to becoming neuro inclusive. 

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