17% of us are neurodivergent thinkers or 'Gold Minds'. Understanding the strengths and challenges of our differences helps everyone to THRIVE.

Services offered:

  • Leadership Coaching for educators looking to lead differently

  • ADHD coaching for adult explorers

  • Training and consultancy for organisations building neuro-inclusive cultures


  • ICF Certified Training and mentoring for coaches seeking to understand brain wiring differences


  • A podcast on leadership, diversity and wellbeing called Rebels with a Pause


My Story (so far...)


We all have powerful strengths to leverage. Sometimes gold gets buried. My top strengths are creativity, love of learning and curiosity. I put these to good use as an educator and leader and now in crafting Gold Mind Neurodiversity training and  coaching packages.


Lack of understanding about neurodiversity and systemic bias in research and diagnosis meant that my educational needs were not picked up. As a result I spent my first 40 years without a road map to understand myself or my family. This affected my leadership. All kinds of other narratives were invented, or received, to fill in the gaps. I retrained as a coach after burning out from my role as Deputy Headteacher of a large secondary school. 


For me, the hardest thing about coach training was not empathy or asking great questions. It was my own self-acceptance. I had spent my life always trying to do better be better and try harder (hence the burn out!).

Before and after burn out, I had leadership coaching. Later, I had therapy. But neither coach nor therapist had any understanding of the neurodivergence playing a huge part in my life. I was doing what many neurodivergent people do: masking – and eventually working overtime to educate both myself and them.


I underwent specialist ADHD coach training in order to ensure that my tribes (innovative leaders and people exploring their neurodivergence) get coaching that fits them beautifully. 

Now that I have the map I want to make it easier for those of us wired differently to be ourselves on purpose. As a strategic leader, I want organisations to see the gold in cognitive diversity (difference of perspective and brain wiring) and adapt cultures to accommodate specialist thinkers and the often ‘off the scale’ strengths they bring when they are not expected to be ‘all rounders’. When we appreciate difference, we unpack deficit assumptions which are fabricated to empower the majority. Then EVERYONE benefits.




Empowering specialist thinkers and their organisations to focus on strengths, get clear on needs and work around challenges.



-Empower neurodivergent communities and individuals

-Empower leaders to empower ALL thinkers

-Enable understanding of neurodiversity, intersectional bias and deficit narratives of difference

-Celebrate neurodivergent representation in ALL walks of life - and at ALL levels of an organisation

-Advocate for systemic inclusion for ALL thinkers in the workplace

-Challenge barriers to systemic inclusion