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ADHD Coaching and Neurodiversity Coach Training



I'm Katie Friedman

I spent the first 40 years of my life without a map to understand myself or my family. This affected the way I led others. Without clarity, all kinds of narratives were invented or received to fill in the gaps. I had spent my life trying to do better, be better and trying harder. Unsurprisingly, I experienced a pretty severe burn out aged 38.

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My approach

I empower specialist thinkers and their organisations and coaches to focus on strengths, get clear on challenges and needs in order to ensure the safety, choice and communication needed to enable all of us to THRIVE.

After 15 years in Education, Leadership and Coaching, I am experienced in facilitating effective learning and meaningful culture change.


Watch my Ted Talk

I spoke on the importance of finding your Gold and shared my experience on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Therapy Sessions
1:1 ADHD

ADHD coaching can help us recover our strengths and work around our challenges to become the best version of ourselves more often.

Neurodiversity Deep Dive Training for Coaches

Our Gold Mind Deep Dives are ICF accredited with 6 CCeu points. These are intensive, one day small group coaching sessions, designed to support you in creating waves through your coaching practice. 

"You model calm when I come in like a hurricane. You are immaculate in reflecting my words back to me. You have helped me give form to my thoughts and feelings in visuals which has helped me with clarity of what I need to do next".


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